Knowledge & ambition

Our greatest ambition is to share our knowledge with others.

An athlete’s career is usually brief. Yet those who fail to think about the next step and prepare for life after sport may be left facing serious professional and financial challenges in the future.

A fighting spirit – an excellent quality to have when becoming self-employed

People who make a career from playing sport are fighters. They are used to making decisions, being advised and supported by a team of outstanding specialists and taking on great burdens. They have the determination to assert themselves, even in difficult situations, and to reach the very top. These are also excellent qualities to have in the corporate world. If you choose to become self-employed or start your own business, the knowledge and skills acquired during your sports career can be key to your success.


The foundations must be in place:
A fighting spirit alone is not enough

Top athletes know how important it is to lay a professional foundation. If the basics are not in place, you will have nothing to build on and will struggle to achieve success. That is why athletes continue with their schooling during or after their careers, studying on the side and acquiring the tools they will need for their careers after sport.

To pursue plan A and be free to focus on your goals, you need a plan B.

Fabienne Wohlwend

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A plan for the future

If you don’t have a definite plan, you’re just drifting …